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How to Find an Exoplanet

Updated: May 19, 2021

I made a video about exoplanet discovery methods with my incredibly talented student, @matcha_fi. I hope you enjoy :)

Art by @matcha_fi

@matcha_fi is a graduating senior at Casablanca American School where she completed the Higher Level IB Physics course that I teach.

This video introduces the 4 main exoplanet discovery methods that have led to over 4,000 discoveries in the past 3 decades. Exoplanetary science is one of the fastest growing branches of astronomy. The field bridges disciplines in chemistry, astrobiology, astrophysics, astronomy, and geology to understand the formation, occurrence, and evolution of planets outside our solar system. With increasing ability to detect and characterize extra-solar planets (exoplanets), we may soon find life on other planets, underscoring the Copernican Principle. How would this change the way humans see their place in the universe?

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1 Comment

May 17, 2021

Collin, it is always a treat to hear and see these remarkable videos of yours. Your knowledge is astounding! I enjoy these SO much! What can I say, You are a bright researcher who started off as my kid!!!

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